Jocelyn has returned from her week away from The Gamers’ Inn and is ready to talk games! Starting things off Ryan discusses pledging to the Republique Kickstarter. With What We’re Playing Jocelyn played more WoW and FINALLY picked up Darksiders, Ryan played the Hybrid Beta and Botanicula (what a weird game). Quick Fire News is kept quick this week (NO DISCUSSION) and we end the show with a chat on the Elder Scrolls MMO reveal. Enjoy!






What We’re Playing

Quick News

Topic of the Week

Elder Scrolls Online is announced, but do we really need another MMO? IGN wiki tells us all we need to know about this upcoming MMO.

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With Jocelyn out of town Ryan takes over hosting duties and brings along a few returning guests: Lou, from our PAX themed show in episode 17, and Paul, from way back in episode 3. Starting off with What We're Playing Lou played Final Fantasy XIII and a cool free to…
<Best Deckard Cain>Why HELLO there! Welcome to the Gamers' Inn! Stay awhile...</Worst Deckard Cain> Ok... Enough of that... We start the show off with our great Diablo III Guest Pass giveaway! Congratulations to RobotBeach as our first winner! We have a few extra codes and you can win them by…