After shaking off the PAX Pox, Jocelyn and Ryan are back with a new episode of The Gamers’ Inn! This week Quick Fire news covers Wii U games, Halo 4 release date, Sword & Sworcery EP moving to PC, and the Diablo III Beta ending May 1st (sad face). We continue with a news discussion, starting with a rumor that Valve and Apple are in bed together developing hardware, as well as a brand new controversy involving the Mists of Pandaria beta. Finally after a very exciting What We’ve Been Playing section we close off with a discussion on video game demos.

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Show Notes

Interested in that deck of cards inspired by Zelda that Ryan mentioned at the start of the show? Check them out here!

Quick Fire News

Super Mario for Wii U Confirmed
Pikmin for Wii U Confirmed to Appear at E3 2012
Halo 4 Release date Set
Sword & Sworcery EP Out Now On Steam
Diablo III Beta servers to go down May 1st


More rumors that Valve is working on hardware, but this time they revolve around an answer to Google Glasses. And what’s this? Apple is involved (actually it turns out Apple’s Tim Cook never was at Valve)?!?

Related to the Valve hard rumors there is news out that Apple is working on it’s own gaming console to be released in 2012.

Finally in news Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the recent controversy surrounding a character in the Mists of Pandaria Beta (Thanks to Gravelust_Itsu on Twitter for the story!).

What We’ve Been Playing

Halo CE Anniversary
Fez (Awesome Soundtrack to Fez)

Zombies, Run
Legend of Grimrock (Recoups Dev Costs in Less Than a Week)
Xenoblade Chronicles

Topic of the Week

This week Jocelyn and Ryan discussed video game demos. With all the demos and betas being released lately we thought it would be a great topic for the Gamers’ Inn.

Listener Feedback

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