May 2nd, 2015

It’s a jam packed show this week thanks to an update from last week, Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN2 and an email from Val! Before we get into what we’ve been playing we wrap up the paid mods story from last week with the reversal from Valve and Bethesda. Turns out, thanks to customer feedback (both negative and screaming bloody murder), they’ve decided to table the effort for now. But enough about that noise, what games have we been playing?!? Ryan gives us his thoughts on the recent Mario Kart 8 DLC, which if you’re not convinced you can check out a video overview he recorded with Eric Mahler.

Jocelyn has been sinking more time into Hearthstone on iPhone as she prepares for an AIE event this weekend for Children’s Week. Both inn keepers discuss the new Dungeon Defenders 2 patch, which introduces pets, costumes and much much more! Finally, wrapping up the segment, Ryan airs an issue he believes to be having where he can’t stop playing older games. Some released just last year, but others from the Wii U Virtual Console collection. What’s worse though, is that he continues to feel an itch to return to Destiny. HELP!

Our topic this week focuses on Heroes of the Dorm, but unfortunately not on the great tournament but the aftermath of having it broadcast on ESPN2. Now, one would expect the internet to react poorly to a video game being on ESPN, but we didn’t think an ESPN host would air his grievances about the appearance on ESPN! Check out the full video below to be properly upset with Colin Cowherd and be in awe of his stupidity. 🙁

Whew… Busy show! We conclude with a great email from Val, who shares her experience with Life is Strange Episode 2. Beware of some spoilers in this segment. If you haven’t caught up with Life is Strange you’re best to skip over it.

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