April 25th, 2015

Welcome back to the Inn everyone and welcome back to… Loot Crate? That’s right, Jocelyn has fallen prey to Loot Crate once again due to the trigger word “Fantasy”. Also Jocelyn bought a new gaming chair, she will have more details on that front as soon as she’s had a chance to give it a whirl!

In terms of games we have two new ones thanks to this weeks Game Night (Thursdays at 8 PM EST if you didn’t know). First up is Killing Floor 2 thanks to generous listener David! While skeptical at first, we had a blast slicing and shooting zombies with the listeners. Safe to say we’ll be adding this one to the standard Game Night rotation. The second and final game for the show was Battleblock Theatre. Made by the folks behind Castle Crashers, this four player co-op game has a great sense of humour  and awesome platform fun. Be sure to check this one out!

For our topic how could we ignore the internet explosion that is Valve allowing creators to sell their mods on Steam, first available for Skyrim. Our discussion was informed by two articles found on the internet, the first of which published on Giant Bomb by Jeff Gerstmann and the Kotaku column called Steamed by Nathan Grayson. While you’ve heard our take on the news, we strongly encourage our listeners to send in their thoughts! We’ll address them all on next weeks episode. 🙂

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