April 13th, 2015

Gamers’ Inn proper returns with a revisit to the wonderful land of Portal 2 with Community Maps! On Game Night Jocelyn and Ryan raced through a series of Portal 2 Community Maps called 12 Angry Tests. While Ryan raced ahead, it was fun to revisit the game after our Extra Life race last October. You can find both 12 Angry Tests from Game Night and Designed by Danger from Extra Life 2014 on Steam Workshop for FREE. Also on the show, Jocelyn shares her latest targets in the World of Warcraft while Ryan continues to die in Bloodborne. A new game on the show this week is a new Wii U exclusive eShop title called Affordable Space Adventures. It uses the GamePad in awesome ways, more so than the standard “Blow Into the Mic” Nintendo bullplop.

Our topic this week starts off with LEGO’s answer to Skylanders, Disney Infinity and of course amiibo with LEGO Dimensions. Is there room for another Toy to Life game on store shelves? Is LEGO best set up to be in the business over Activision, Disney and Nintendo? In this episode you’ll find out what we think, but we would love to hear from you! Oh, also Ryan uses the new Wired article about the amiibo bubble as an excuse to rant about amiibo.

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