Happy April Fools Day! This week Jocelyn and Ryan discuss the video game industry and how they treat April Fools (including that awesome Mass Effect cartoon from IGN). Also Ryan once again plays too many games (and promises to play fewer titles for next week). Finally the show closes off with listener feedback. Enjoy and see you next week for PAX East talk with a special guest!





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April Fools News

ThinkGeek makes a Skyrim Hoodie, and turns an April Fools joke into an actual product

Zelda movie tease (although old) makes Jocelyn sad…

How Ryan got taken by a Sonic and Tails rumor when he was young


We also had a lovely review from Kimberly Price who you should all go follow on Twitter. If you want to leave us a review we would very much appreciate it, and we will read it on the show!


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