February 23rd, 2015

On a Sunday edition of the Gamers’ Inn Ryan talks about his time travel adventures in Life is Strange while Jocelyn orders up a Playstation 4 exclusive. First up is timey wimey adventure of Life is Strange. You may remember we discussed this game a few episodes back, but this time Ryan has completed the game and is here to implore you to play it for yourself. Jocelyn offers an update on #JoceToLegend and her time in the 4v1 game Evolve. Before moving to our topic of the week Ryan has a story to tell related to his video series chronicling his time with Massive Chalice.

Our topic of the week takes a look at review scores and whether they affect our purchasing decisions. This was inspired by the recent reviews released on The Order: 1886, which Jocelyn picked up and has some early impressions. Do reviews impact your purchase decisions? Do you only seek out reviews on specific titles? Let us know!

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