February 7th, 2015

We’ve got a jam packed episode for you this week, which is great because Winter is here to stay and a podcast by the fire is the perfect cure! We start off the show with an update on Jocelyn’s quest for Legend in Hearthstone. We played Dungeon Defenders II for Game Night in which we were joined by a dev in chat (check out the archive)! We wrap up the episode with Life is Strange and Massive Chalice (Ryan played the first 20 minutes here). The discussions on those get a little off the rails, but we’ll let you experience that for yourself.

Topic this week takes a look at Nintendo’s YouTube Partner Program, where Nintendo is splitting revenue with YouTube users who follow very strict guidelines. But as is the Nintendo trend for every questionable decision we get news of an AWESOME decision. Netflix and Nintendo teaming up for a live action Legend of Zelda series. YES PLEASE!

Dungeon Defenders II from 05/02 Game Night

Preppin the Inn: Intro to Massive Chalice

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