January 17th, 2015

On a very special Thursday edition of The Gamers’ Inn, Ryan returns to chat about completing the main story content in WoW (spoilers!) and Jocelyn has been surviving on I Am Bread and Don’t Starve. It’s taken a few months but Ryan has finally caught up to Jocelyn in the World of Warcraft, so they spoil the ending to story content in Nagrand and chat about why they thought Blizzard nailed quest progression in the new expansion. Ryan tries to talk about Super Mario Galaxy 2 being released on the Wii U eShop, but the conversation quickly jets off to Nintendo’s announcement of the New 3DS XL and Majora’s Mask.

After a hearty What We’re Playing the inn keepers jump into their topic of the week, review scores and Joystiq’s recent decision to not score reviews. Do you think a number attached to a review is important? Let us know!

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