August 23rd, 2014

Dungeon Gems

It’s been a busy week for the inn keepers, but Ryan filled his time away from home with Free to Play titles on the iPad. Why would he do such a thing? No one knows! But he fixes the issue live on the show. After checking out Godus on iOS and Dungeon Gems (although he refers to it as Dungeon Keepers on the show), Ryan decides to give up “energy bar” and “notification waiting” free to play titles. Funny enough Ryan checked out Dungeon Gems after watching Game Theorists video on Addicting Games.

In the news we cover Microsoft’s slip up with 24 Hour Demos for Gold subscribers and more Phil Fish drama (including the #welovegamedevs Twitter awesomeness). The 24 Hour Demo may have been a slip up, but is it a clever way to test the waters? Send in your thoughts to!


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