July 21st, 2014


While Jocelyn has friends from out of town over, Josh from The Any Key Gaming joins Ryan this week to talk about sad war games, luchadores from Canada, and trudging through Final Fantasy XI. Ryan has had a busy week so he only got a chance to boot up the new UbiArt game by Ubisoft: Valiant Hearts. This side scrolling puzzler set in World War I showcases the brutality of trench warfare while still managing to feature a cackling evil German (not Nazi). Josh played Guacamelee on Xbox One, which was featured as a free game through the Games with Gold promotion. He also revisited one of his favourite MMOs: Final Fantasy XI.

For our topic this week what better time to address the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios than with an actual Xbox One owner on the show! Josh shares his feelings on the closure and how it doesn’t really bother him due to it being NOT the reason he bought an Xbox One. Makes sense overall and it seems Microsoft agreed. Here’s hoping that Halo TV series works out though, which is still in production.


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