June 7th, 2014


Jocelyn makes her triumphant return to recap her last two weeks of gaming and recovery. She picked up Mario Golf and went through the Gamers’ Inn Cup (which will be making it’s return this week). She also discusses her time with Hearthstone on her new iPad and the a bit of WoW talk. Finally she’s been playing a good amount of Smite, once again surprising us all that this game has taken such a hold on us all! Ryan on the other hand got a chance to talk Mario Kart last week, but takes advantage of the Luigi Death Stare meme to fill Joce in on the highlight feature and how Nintendo’s E3 announcements need to hit it out of the park now that people are paying attention to them.

The Gamers’ Inn Cup is BACK!  Post your score before Friday June 13th at 6 PM EDT. To enter just boot up Mario Golf and go to Quick Round – Mario Golf -> Tournaments -> Private Tournament and Search by Code: 29-6567-4944-9361.

Our Favourite Luigi Death Stares

Move *BEEP*, Get Out The Way (Language in this one, obviously)

Riding Dirty

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