May 17th, 2014


We start things off  with a happy 2nd anniversary to Diablo III by recounting our adventures from this weeks Gamers’ Inn Game Night. We play every Thursday night at 8 PM EDT on The Gamers’ Inn Twitch and Jocelyn’s Twitch, you can watch or even join in! Jocelyn picked up Link Between Worlds again, only to promptly put it down in favour of more Smite and the new Warcraft book: War Crimes. Ryan scratched that third person action RPG itch he described last week with Bound By Flame.

Our topic this week covers the flurry of Microsoft announcements in a lead up to E3. We cover Kinect being removed from the Xbox One box to the recent unveiling of Halo 5: Guardians.

Finally we unveil the first winner in The Gamers’ Inn Cup in Mario Golf… Congrats to Josh! This weeks tournament is now live, post your score before Friday May 23rd 6 PM EDT. To enter just boot up Mario Golf and go to Quick Round – Mario Golf -> Tournaments -> Private Tournament and Search by Code: 46-4930-2111-0872.

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