May 3rd, 2014


We’ve got Loot Crate on the brain as Ryan reveals which Elder Scrolls and Game of Thrones mini-figures he got. Next month is Adventure themed, which will include Zelda and Minecraft items! Sign up today! For games Ryan has been enjoying some 8 bit nostalgia with NES Remix 2 on the Wii U. This of course sparks a Wii U discussion involving Mario Kart 8 and the newly announced bundle from Nintendo. Finally we recap our great time with Smite from Thursday’s Game Night. We were both quite surprised by how much fun we had with the game and look forward to jumping back in soon!

Both innkeepers are happy to announce Game Night is here to stay as our Patreon just hit the $50 milestone! We would like to thank all our Patrons and we’ll see you Thursday nights at 8 PM EDT on The Gamers’ Inn Twitch.

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