March 8th, 2014


Gamers’ Inn proper has returned to talk about a few new games and an old game that’s experiencing a bit of a comeback! First up, Ryan compares Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze to Super Meat Boy and Jocelyn talks about poop jokes in South Park: Stick of Truth. Now that the Elder Scrolls Online NDA has been lifted Jocelyn finally gets a chance to explain why she dropped some gold on the Imperial Edition of the game (Spoilers: She LOVES it!). Finally we get a look inside Ryan’s Loot Crate, which ends with him wearing a bow tie for the rest of the show.

Our topic this week centres around the fun we’ve been having with Diablo III‘s new Loot 2.0 system and the pre-expansion patch. We cover what’s new in the patch and why we’re excited to be back into the click fest that is D3.


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