In this holiday themed episode of The Gamers’ Inn Jocelyn and Ryan talk about the many Christmas themed video games they’ve been playing. Both innkeepers are building snowmen in Animal Crossing, even though Jocelyn still finds the game a little creepy… In the world of iOS Ryan is decorating his Tiny Death Star while Jocelyn is collecting gift cards in The Simpsons Tapped Out. Finally for a dose of MMO holiday fun, Ryan tried to play Guild Wars 2 with no luck and Jocelyn went achievement chasing in World of Warcraft.

For the holidays we’ll be taking a week off, but when we return we’ll be talking about Game of the Year! We’re hoping to record a live episode on New Year’s Even as Jocelyn and Ryan will be in the same location, keep an eye on Twitter for news about that.

Our intro music this week is by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra. Check out The Synthetic Orchestra Christmas Calendar Medley which features the Mario Christmas Song from the intro.

Note: Jocelyn’s audio may sound a little crunchy, but rest assured her audio quality will return to normal next week.

On a fun but slightly sleepy episode of The Gamers' Inn, Jocelyn and Ryan discuss video games on a Sunday afternoon. The whole reason we postponed the show is because Ryan had a gaming weekend with some old University buddies, which included hooking up four computers to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge…
The Gamers' Inn would like to welcome you to 2014, by talking about 2013! This is our 2013 Game of the Year special where we discuss our favourite games from the last year. Prepare for some surprises and a great look back at some of our favourite discussions on the…