December 16th, 2013


On a fun but slightly sleepy episode of The Gamers’ Inn, Jocelyn and Ryan discuss video games on a Sunday afternoon. The whole reason we postponed the show is because Ryan had a gaming weekend with some old University buddies, which included hooking up four computers to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator (also known as the nerdiest thing he’s ever done). Jocelyn is continuing her 3DS kick with more Zelda and Animal Crossing, but she’s also finished Gone Home. If you haven’t finished Gone Home yet, you’ll want to avoid our discussion on the game as we go into spoiler mode.

Quick Fire News
Fable Anniversary Has a Release Date
NSA is Spying on your WoW
Update on 38 Studios Auction
Best vs Fastest: The Next Gen Sales Figures

For our topic of the week we talked about the very busy week Blizzard had in the patch world. Hearthstone saw a huge update to their ranked ladder system and WoW got their in-game store.

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