The festive season is here and we begin by discussing Nintendo properties with delight, from both co-hosts! Jocelyn and Ryan are enjoying A Link Between Worlds and it’s fresh take on Zelda. Jocelyn started her town over in Animal Crossing and has a few bones to pick with Ryan, evidently he’s holding her bells hostage! Finally, Ryan has dusted off the Wii U once again to enjoy Super Mario 3D World, another fantastic Nintendo game on a platform many don’t own. 🙂

Quick Fire News
Spike VGX Awards
WoW Movie Gets Some Actors
Multiple Updates for Multiple TellTale Games
Global Beta for Project SPARK

For our topic this week we wanted to take a chance to talk more in depth about Greg Street leaving Blizzard. We wish him all the luck in the future, but will miss his honesty when talking about behind the scenes of World of Warcraft.

It's a next generation edition of The Gamers' Inn as we welcome back Todd the Warcrusher to talk Xbox One and PS4! Jocelyn got her new 3DS and has been jumping into a few of Nintendo titles, including A Link Between Worlds and Animal Crossing. She also booted up Gone…
On a fun but slightly sleepy episode of The Gamers' Inn, Jocelyn and Ryan discuss video games on a Sunday afternoon. The whole reason we postponed the show is because Ryan had a gaming weekend with some old University buddies, which included hooking up four computers to play Artemis Spaceship Bridge…