In the news we have iOS apps promoting the release of Mass Effect 3, with Infiltrator being a third person action game and Datapad being more of a companion app. Also we discuss the release of Kingdoms of Amalur, which leads into Ryan discussing his re-visit to the demo on PC and Xbox 360. A major portion of what we’ve been playing has been Hero Academy, which works well with our topic of the week, Freeium Games. Finally we end with a new segment of Two Minute Game Design Challenge and Listener Feedback. Enjoy!  ***Disclaimer for those that listen via our website, this episode has an explicit tag on iTunes***





Mass Effect 3 Announces 2 new iOS Apps!

Wii U adds NFC functionality to the Wii U Remote

Reckoning is Released

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What We’re Playing

Freemium Games

Listener Feedback

This week we discuss Part 2 of 2 of an email from @Val_Gravel!

Hey everyone! We are 2 weeks away from recording our Mass Effect franchise episode and we want to hear from you! Send us an email with your anecdotes from ME1 or ME2, in either text OR mp3 form, we'll take either or 🙂  Let us know what you love, what…
Gamers' Inn returns this week jam packed with news, games we've been playing, and a discussion on mods! On the news front we have a new team in Hero Academy and Mass Effect 3 early... IN SPAAAACE! Jocelyn and Ryan played the Mass Effect 3 demo, but Ryan got to…