It’s a jam packed episode that starts with a bang as Jocelyn launches her personal Patreon over at If you enjoy her solo content, be sure to go show her some support!

Jocelyn chats about her regulars with Hearthstone and Rocket League, while Ryan had two big titles to chat about. First up is Until Dawn, a PS4 exclusive heavily inspired by teen-slasher flicks. It’s a spoiler free discussion, but expect more chats in the near future! If you want to see how the game plays, be sure to check out the first 30 minutes as played by Ryan and friends.

Next up, Ryan reviewed Super Mario Maker! This highly anticipated Wii U exclusive has you creating your very own Mario levels in four different flavours from the past 30 years. Be sure to check out the review on the website and for Super Mario Maker videos check out this playlist.

Finally, we close out the show with our topic of the week, which was Square Enix’s pre-order campaign for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Oh boy, did we have some things to say… Enjoy!


Everyone remembers their first Mario game. Whether you were blowing into an NES cartridge to play Super Mario Bros. or you were stealing lives from your siblings in Super Mario World, you always remember. Another memory you may have is a dream to one day build your own games, or…
The show starts off with a confession made by Ryan, he has a problem... And that problem is amiibo. Mainly his inability to not buy them all on Friday, although the chat room didn't help very much on that front. Moving on though, Jocelyn got scared in Until Dawn while…