This week on The Gamers’ Inn we’re joined by Rick Pivin of the FXL Network and Lou Page, writer for TGI and co-host on Zombies Ate My Podcast. Oh, and we’re giving you all the juicy details about this weekends big event, EXTRA LIFE!

Jocelyn has been watching some original Mass Effect, enjoying the story and experiencing none of the dated gameplay. Ryan gives us an update on his WoW situation, as well as a run down on Sleeping Dogs and Walking Dead Episode 4. Rick describes leveling from 30 to 85 in WoW and Lou has been saving Canadians in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Topic of the Week is all things Extra Life, we go over our current status in terms of donations, what we’ll be playing and when, as well as a quick discussion on whether or not we’ve actually stayed up for 24 hours before… All this and more on this weeks Gamers’ Inn!


Quick News


What a wild time at the Inn this week...  Jocelyn and Ryan were joined by the fabulous Mark "The Turpster" Turpin for the latest installment of Road to Halo 4! There was lots of talk about Mists of Pandaria as well, what with there being a World of Warcraft "expert" handy and…
The only way to start this post is to say a huge thank you to everyone for the support we received this past weekend. Ryan and I combined raised over $1200, and all together our Gamers' Inn team raised over $2000. That was DOUBLE our initial goal. So thank you, you're awesome!…