Happy Diablo III Ryan! And Jocelyn too I suppose, but she didn’t get a cake OR a meme did she? As you may have guessed this episode includes a What We’ve Been Playing segment dominated by Diablo III, although Jocelyn did get a little Darksiders in there. Quick Fire covers DIII sales numbers, court case revelations, more 38 Studios trouble, and the Wii U controller face lift. Finally in Topic of the Week the inn keepers discuss MMOs and the future of the genre. Be sure to review us in iTunes and send any feedback to info@gamersinnpodcast.com!




What We’re Playing

Quick News

Topic of the Week – MMOs: Layoffs, Falling Subs, The Future

<Best Deckard Cain>Why HELLO there! Welcome to the Gamers' Inn! Stay awhile...</Worst Deckard Cain> Ok... Enough of that... We start the show off with our great Diablo III Guest Pass giveaway! Congratulations to RobotBeach as our first winner! We have a few extra codes and you can win them by…
The Gamers' Inn gathers around the fire once more to prepare for E3! The big show is next week and we've collected all the cool stories to look forward to. Starting off the show we talk about our experience with Aces Hangout Poker and a Public hangout, leaving Ryan forever…