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The Gamers’ Inn duo returns proper for the first time in over a month! Ryan chats about the launch of a new companion video series called Preppin the Inn, where he preps for the podcast by playing half hour snippets of games. He played the Wii U exclusive Hyrule Warriors and a much MUCH bleaker game called This War of Mine. Jocelyn shares her adventures in the online world of Magic and scratches the surface on Shadows of Mordor.

Our topic this week focuses on what’s left to look forward to for 2014 in the world of gaming. We were quickly reminded that there is A LOT of great games left in the year. We’re going to need a longer Christmas vacation…

We close the show with a special announcement. As many know we do have a Patreon and we will be taking part in Extra Life again on October 25th. We made the decision to donate all our Patreon funds for the month of October to Extra Life! So if you haven’t become a Patron of The Gamers’ Inn and you’re looking for an awesome excuse, here’s a great one! Best part is, your money goes to charity AND you get to reap the rewards (vote on Game Night or even participate)!

Be sure to check us out on Patreon at patreon.com/TheGamersInn, all our Patrons help make this show awesome. Thanks guys!

Also it’s October, and Extra Life is just around the corner! Be sure to go to extra-life.org/team/tgi to donate and then on October 25th tune into twitch.tv/amovetv to catch all the action.

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http://youtu.be/jUiPZ9jPN6Y This week Ryan is joined by Patrick "OctanePro" Jester to chat about ArchAge, Arma mods and yes of course, SMITE! Patrick chats about his livestreaming fun with ArchAge, a new free to play MMO that features beautiful art but very skippable text. Chatting about the Battle Royale Arma III…

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  Welcome to the Extra Life Planning Session Information Thingy... Trademark pending on that one. But before all that fun business Jocelyn and I chat some games! Ryan kept his promise and checked out the Bayonetta 2 demo on Wii U and jumped back into the World of Warcraft (you…