All Things Blizzard

This week Ryan is on his honeymoon, so Jules of Tauren Think Tank filled in! Jocelyn and Jules talk all things Blizzard, including the cancellation of Titan, Raiding in WoW, the Road to BlizzCon EU Hearthstone finals and some Heroes of the Storm. Plus a hint of Smite of course. 😉

On September 20th Ryan got married to his lovely new wife, Ashley. Jocelyn flew all the way from Halifax to be there and the party was epic! This short episode was recorded during the dance portion of the wedding live from Trent University. Super awesome thanks goes to our listeners who… This week Ryan is joined by Patrick "OctanePro" Jester to chat about ArchAge, Arma mods and yes of course, SMITE! Patrick chats about his livestreaming fun with ArchAge, a new free to play MMO that features beautiful art but very skippable text. Chatting about the Battle Royale Arma III…