Assassin’s Creed Unity No Face Bug
Episode 145 - Day One Jankiness
We've got a host of new games to chat about this week but first let's chat about the World of Warcraft! That's right, we're still making our way through the world of Draenor, so expect to hear a lot of talk about orcs and garrisons. After that Jocelyn fills us in on her purchase of Call of Duty: Adv
Episode 145 - Day One Jankiness
BlizzCon 2014 Cosplay Group
Episode 144 - Warlods of BlizzCon
Jocelyn has returned from BlizzCon to fill us all in on the awesome, Overwatch, GvG and lots of other cool stuff! Joce got hands on with the new Blizzard IP Overwatch, and of course had time with the new Hearthstone expansion Gnomes vs Goblins. Both innkeepers have been busy as bees setting up their
Episode 144 - Warlods of BlizzCon
Halloween Special
Episode 143 - Happy Scary Games Day!
Welcome to a very spooky edition of The Gamers' Inn! Before we chat about scary games, we wrap up our Extra Life adventures with talk of Jocelyn's first foray into Titanfall and the great time she had playing Heroes of the Storm with Scott, Kyle and Garrett. For Game Night (every Thursday at 8 PM ES
Episode 143 - Happy Scary Games Day!
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