Thank You Patrons!

The Gamers’ Inn has been providing audio and video content for over three years. Jocelyn and Ryan strive to cover not only the video games and topics they’re interested in, but also the video games, topics and events that interest their audience. This page is a listing of all the incredible people who are supporting The Gamers’ Inn through Patreon! THANK YOU! 🙂

Note: The Gamers’ Inn has always and will always be free, but if you would like to support our video game podcast creating habit, this is the best way to do so!

The Gamers’ Inn Patrons (November 2015)

  • Mike E
  • Geoffrey W
  • RockRollMartian
  • Christopher C
  • Jim B
  • Niels M
  • Janice E
  • Teradel
  • Will G
  • Brandi H
  • braska
  • Matthew K
  • Devon R
  • Sebastian S
  • Robert M
  • Manny
  • Nick C
  • Rob J
  • Initiative Check
  • Evan O
  • Jason E
  • Jim W
  • David G
  • Jason C
  • Brad C
  • SparkysShocker
  • Derek R
  • BBQ_Master/Jonnio
  • Valerie G
  • Mary B
  • Robert R
  • tondagossa
  • Jared B
  • James
  • Patrick K
  • Carlos C
  • Lorenzo F
  • Neil W
  • Joel D
  • David M
  • Hard Boiled Greg
  • Aaron M
  • Cindy C
  • Jacob P
  • David C

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