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Manny and Joce cover all your Alpha news, Blizzard Balance gifting, the lore of Lady Liadrin, and wrap up their auction house add-on series with Auctioneer.

New Alpha Build

  • Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag’har Orcs are available
  • Introduction quests are now available for testing in Kul’Tiras and Zandalar
  • 4 New Dungeons opened on Alpha
    • Shrine of the Storm, Temple of Sethraliss, The Underrot, Waycrest Manor
  • Racial changes as BfA continues the de-escalation of CC.
  • Add-ons are now enabled on alpha.
  • New Models:
    • Old man Grom Hellscream
    • Lady Liadrin gets new Armour
    • Armour Sets
  • https://www.mmo-champion.com/content/7534-Battle-for-Azeroth-Alpha-Build-26476

Warfront Testing

  • Last Tuesday Blizzard unleashed Warfronts on to the Alpha
  • Sense of scale and war is the best to date in WoW
  • Advanced AI is implemented in Warfronts
  • Point Capture with base building
  • Switching between offense and defense as enemy counters
  • Goal is to overwhelm the enemy faction and then ultimately kill the enemy commander.
  • https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762167328#post-1

In Game Voice Chat on Alpha

Blizzard Balance Gifting


Auctioneer is made up of four different tools. Auctioneer itself, Bean Counter, Enchantrix, and Informant.

  • Auctioneer adds four tabs to your auction house interface, as well as modifying your Browse tab by adding a % market value tab and compacting the item view
    • Appraiser (I love this)
      • pulls a list from your bags of everything available for auction
      • Once you select an item, it will suggest a bid and buy price, as well as show you all the current auctions of that item.
      • You can refresh the list any time from the Appraiser page, and it will tell you how old the data is you’re working with (i.e. when the last time was that you scanned the AH for that item)
      • You also get a breakdown of the number of items for sale at a given price range, which is colour coded (Blue for cheap, green for below market value, yellow for above market value, red for expensive)
      • You can post multiple auctions straight from the appraiser tab
      • There are nine different pricing models you can apply (full details on the add-on page under Statistics Modules)
      • You can also batch post items, but it needs to be enabled, which is nice (no accidental posts)
    • Bean Counter
      • Creates journal entries when you bid, buy, post, or retrieve AH mail.
      • Provides a searchable interface that can display all activity or only certain items
      • Searches your bids, postings, and mail to get an accurate count of your finances
    • Enchantrix/Informant
      • Adds information to item tooltips
      • Enchantrix will tell you what you get when you prospect, mill, or disenchant, as well as the market value of those materials
      • Informant displays additional information… buy price; sell price; item level; what quests, classes or professions use the item; the value of the item produced by a recipe; etc. Informant can also tell you what vendors sell a given item.
    • Misc
      • SearchUI – Allows you to search the AH using criteria like disenchant or prospect
      • Can also search the first and last page of the AH for newly posted and about to expire auctions
  • Tips and Tricks
    • Auctioneer doesn’t have an automated scanner app like TSM, so you need to make sure you’re logging in and scanning often
    • Bean Counter used to not work if you collected your gold from the AH app, but I guess that’s no longer an issue!
  • https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/auctioneer

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