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Recorded LIVE on July 30th in Orlando, Florida at Amove TV’s CreateCon! Jocelyn is joined by Garrett, Kyle, Dills, Tom, and the listeners in this special episode of The Gamers’ Inn.

Note: There was a computer malfunction at the start of the show that lost about 20 minutes of audio. Consider it a special treat to those who attended live! Sorry to those who were hoping to catch the archive. ūüôĀ

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The Gamers’ Inn¬†is a weekly podcast¬†focused on all things video games! Each week¬†Jocelyn and Ryan¬†discuss what they‚Äôre playing, go over¬†industry related news, and cover¬†topics that have peaked their interest.

The show is recorded live every Wednesday night at 8 Eastern on Amove.TV. Be sure to join in on the chat and connect with other listeners before, during and after the show!

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