Todd or better known as WARCRUSHER joins us this week to discuss PAX Prime. Todd attended the event and made all of us jealous as he got hands on time with WildStar and TitanFall. The whole show was focused on PAX and discussions covered next gen controllers, lines, MMO subscriptions, Nintendo, and much more!

Jocelyn played through some Hearthstone and WoW Patch 5.3 content and live streamed it! Check it out on our YouTube page. We’re constantly popping into The Gamers’ Inn Twitch account to live stream outside of our normal show, so follow Jocelyn, Ryan and the show to find out when we go live! But don’t worry, archives will be posted to our YouTube page ASAP. 🙂

Lou “BusyZombieLord” Page wrote another awesome article in his Penny Pinching and Barrel Scraping column about the free point and click adventure game Sepulchre.

I love free stuff! Don't you love free stuff? Who doesn't love free stuff? I will smack the first person that says they don't love free stuff! In all seriousness, being able to tell you about great free games makes my day. More often than not free games are mediocre…
This week Ryan is a tad under the weather but has been super into Skyrim. Jocelyn dove into patch 5.4 in World of Warcraft and is enjoying the new content. However to find an experience different from WoW Jocelyn went down the Steam rabbit hole, booting up Toki Tori, Binding…