The Gamers’ Inn is back this week with a continuation of Road to Halo 4 with a focus on Halo 3! Before that Ryan discusses his reasoning behind preordering the Wii U as well as a discussion on the Kirby 20th Anniversary Collection for Wii. Yah… He kept it pretty Nintendo this week… However, Jocelyn makes up for that by going over Borderlands and her hesitation to pick up the sequel, also she shares a small issue she overcame in WoW this week.

Topic of the Week is dominated by Road to Halo 4! Both inn keepers actually enjoyed playing through Halo 3, which resulted in a long and interesting discussion about story, graphics, and gameplay. What will the ending of Halo 3 mean for Halo 4?

On our next episode of Road to Halo 4, Mark “The Turpster” Turpin will be on the show to discuss Halo 3: ODST and Mists of Pandaria. In the lead up to the episode we’d like you to send in an email to the show for your chance to win a copy of WoW, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King AND Cataclysm! You have until October 12th to enter!

Quick News

After a discussion of The Gamers' Inn teams plans for this year's Extra Life event, we jump right in to Ryan's tutorial on how to play Rock Band without expensive plastic instruments. He's also having fun with New Super Mario Bros. 2 on the 3DS. Jocelyn is still playing the…
This week starts off with Ryan telling us about his recent guest appearances on FanBoys XL and The Citadel Cafe. Jocelyn is showing her true alt-aholic colours in World of Warcraft and is very disappointed that she needs a new computer (although building a new computer will be tonnes of geeky fun!). Borderlands 2…