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This week marks the triumphant return of Jocelyn as she recounts her month long absence that was filled with Hearthstone and The Wolf Among Us. Ryan finished up Valiant Hearts from last week and it brought a tear to his eye. As a palate cleanser he booted up Episode 4 of Walking Dead’s second season, which caused even more pain and suffering…

Our topic of the week contains MAJOR SPOILERS for the entire season of Wolf Among Us, if you haven’t played any of the episodes you’re best to stay clear. That being said, find out what Jocelyn and Ryan thought of the finale for TellTales popular non-zombie adventure game. Did they enjoy the ending? Are they excited for the inevitable second season? Find out on this weeks episode of The Gamers’ Inn!


You may or may not know, but each year around the end of October Gamers’ Inn has taken part in Extra Life. A 24 hour charity where the Gamers’ Inn team plays video games all day and night in the name of raising money for Children’s Hospitals around the world. Over the next few months we’ll be highlighting our plans for the big day and now we want to kick it off with a giveaway! Smite has sort of taken over our game time these last few months and the game will be taking over the remaining hours of our Extra Life stream. From 2 AM until the end we’ll be playing a Smite drinking game (responsibly) and we want your help coming up with rules! Send your idea for a Smite drinking game rule to info@gamersinnpodcast.com and you’ll be entered into a draw for Season 1 of The Wolf Among Us on Steam!

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While Jocelyn has friends from out of town over, Josh from The Any Key Gaming joins Ryan this week to talk about sad war games, luchadores from Canada, and trudging through Final Fantasy XI. Ryan has had a busy week so he only got a chance to boot up the…

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On a very tired episode of The Gamers' Inn Ryan has some deals and Jocelyn has some MMO's. First off Ryan breaks down how he nabbed The Last of Us Remastered for $30 and downloaded Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1 for FREE on iOS. Jocelyn and Ryan are both…